Best of All Lamborghini Models: Murcielago And Aventador Roadster

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Who does not know Lamborghini?  Branded car which is produced by Italian automobile manufacturers has become the top model in the market place. It has All Lamborghini Models which are competent enough to compete with other rivals of luxurious sport cars. All models of Lamborghini have very well equipment and high performances for vehicle standard. If you are planning to buy one of Lamborghini car model, it’s better to know lists of Lamborghini cars starting from the ones which are usual to the ones which are popular.

Some of Lamborghini car models are Lamborghini Gallardo that was built from 2003 up to 2013. The next is Countach. It was produces from 1974 up to 1990 and it is a mid engine sport car. Another model is Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. It is a two-door car and two-seat car. The other is Lamborghini Reventon. It is issued as the most expensive model. It is about 2 million dollars!

The first model of Lamborghini cars which is very popular is Murcielago. This kind of Lamborghini car was introduced in the market place in 2001. But, the roadster was not coming yet until 2004. It boasts 6 speeds with the semi automatic engine and it has scissor doors, too. This kind of Lamborghini cars became more and more popular after releasing the 50 units of limited edition from 40th anniversary for the coupe model. It is only 50 units in the color of Jade Green.

After talking about Murcielago, Lamborghini has the other best and the most popular model. It is Aventador Roadster. The name is quite familiar in our ears, isn’t it? Compared to Murcielago, it is sharper. What makes it amazing is that it can reach 62 mph only in 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed of this car is 217 mph. Compared to All Lamborghini Models mentioned before, it has V12 engine, transmission which is semi automatic, 7 speeds, and the colors scheme comes in white and blue. The wheels come in pitch black color.

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