History and Meanings of Lamborghini Symbol

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Lamborghini symbol consists of a bull image. It is fact that the Ferrucio Lamborghini was very interested in Spanish bullfighting sport and this is linked to the reason why the logo comes with this strong animal. The inspiration came when Feruccio Lamborghini came to Seville farm of Eduardo Miura in 1962. Eduardo Miura was a popular breeder of brutal fighting bulls. Even, some famous Lambo cars are also called as bulls. One of the Lambo cars also called Miura, inspired from the breeder’s name.

About the Lamborghini symbol meaning, there are some significances to take. The first significance describes that the logo refers to the Ferrucio’s zodiac character, Taurus zodiac with a bull character. The logo also refers to the founder’s love of Spanish bullfighting sport. In addition, the logo also symbolizes power. Bull is one of the most powerful animals in the world. It means that Lamborghini cars are also some of the most powerful cars in the world.

In addition, the bull also represents consistency and fortitude. These representations are the basic of the successfulness of this sport and super car manufacturer. Plenty of high quality cars been manufactured and the logo also gets immense recognition from the other brand logos. The shape of the Lambo logo also has special meanings. The shape symbolizes a shield. It also demonstrates the snorting bull.

What about the color of the emblem? The symbol is with perfect combination of a black field and gold accents. Black tone is the background of the symbol and the gold accents are represented for the border line, bull character and the LAMBORGHINI letter. These colors of the Lamborghini symbol means a lot. Black refers to power, elegance, prestige and integrity, while the gold represents excellence and wealth. The color selection was not a coincidence that it is similar to its rival, Ferrari symbol.

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