Lamborghini Ankonian: Batman’s Super Car

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Lamborghini Ankonian is said as the Batman super car due to its design and colors. There is no end of the innovation introduced by this luxurious sport carmaker. There will always be new thing offered like Urus and Egoista for this model year that has crazy designs. Today, some official websites show some pictures of black car that is known as Lamborghini Batmobile. You will get amazed with the styling of this car although it is still in concept. However, it seems will be soon on the production.

There is no detail information about Ankonian. The carmaker has not yet talked about this car. However, it is said that the layout of this Batmobile is made by German student, Slavche Tanevshi. He really has great concept. This car design will just remind you with the vehicle of Batman. The design is sophisticated, elegant, futuristic and really aggressive. Both interior and exterior designs are impressive. All fans must love the design.

The Lamborghini Ankonian specs are not yet confirmed. Some rumors say that this Batmobile will be powered with powerful engine, innovative LT1 engine that can produce 460 HP and 465 lb ft of torque. It has 1.03 g cornering. Sprint from 0 to 60 mph is 3.8 seconds. Well, it may not be the most powerful Lamborghini car but it is really quick, effective, and extremely finest. There is still a chance if this car will be powered with another engine to produce more powers.

The design of Ankonian is recognizable. Therefore, it makes all customers are easy to fall in love. If you love it too, then you should wait for the official date release that is still mystery right now. The price of the car is not yet known. Voice says that this car will be about $ 40,000 with the high standard of Lamborghini supercar. Lamborghini Ankonian is in a talk right now.

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