Lamborghini Aventador Price and Specs

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Lamborghini Aventador price, for the 2015 model is in the range from $397,500 to$548,800 MSRP. This car is really familiar among other supercars. It is even still becoming a hyper-exotic car for the leagues of the fans especially for young people. This impressive car has high power. The design is exotic even dramatic. It has distinctive cut. This car always draws all attentions. It is a perfect combination from design to power and performance. New improvements as well as advanced technologies are also added.

What you will like from this car is about the fierce acceleration. You know, super car needs excellent acceleration for the high speed performance. The design is futuristic for both interior and exterior. It has powerful engine with V12. However, ISR transmission is also laggy. It is brutal and laggy. It has limited space for luggage even when it is considered with the standard of supercar. The cabin is also tight. You may feel less than comfortable.

Lamborghini Aventador price 2015 for the highest model is $548,800 while the cheapest is $397,500. Yup, there are some trim levels. It depends on the engine and performance. There are two available engines here. First is with 6.5 liter V12 engine. It produces 720 HP. Second choice is with 6.5 V12 engine and boost 691 HP. Both of them are paired with 7 speed of auto-shift manual transmission and with auto-manual transmission. Estimated MPG is 10-11 city and 16-18 highway.

Design, power, and performance are perfectly combined in this hyper car. Besides that, something you will not miss is about the feature or technology inside. Indeed, you cannot say it is luxurious car when it has no advanced technology inside. It is same with Aventador that has complete package even for the base model. However, if you want to get the full package, you can look at the Lamborghini Aventador price of the highest trim level.

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