Lamborghini Bike by BMC Bicycle Company

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Lamborghini bike can be said as one of the nicest bicycles you can find in the market. It is by BMC, a Swiss bicycle company that produces this wonderful bike. You can imagine of BMC that has produced some nicest bikes in the world, works together with one of the most luxury hyper car makers, Lamborghini. It must be really impressive bike will be produced. In the 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Edition, this bike is introduced. This bike offers the luxury of Lamborghini and comfort of BMC. You will love it.

This bike is plated in gold as well as encrusted in diamonds. You can imagine how expensive this bike can be. The Lamborghini bike price is about $32,000. You can say that amount of money can be used to buy car if you want. But this bike can be still more special. This bike has frame that is made of bespoke carbon tubes. This bike has components that are joined together by ‘Shell Nodes’. It is made by advanced technology.

This bike is called with impec. This bike has very nice color combination of yellow and black. Lamborghini emblem is placed in front. It makes this bike really luxurious. What makes this bike more interesting is about the handlebars as it is wrapped by Lamborghini leather in yellow color. You may find this leather in the Lamborghini’s car interior. It is so comfortable and luxurious as well.

This bike is produced by BMC in 50 units only. So, it can be little bit hard to get this bike as there are only 50 units. This bike offers you a great performance and comfort as well as stylish design in a perfect combination of balance. Riding this bike is really comfortable. You can read more reviews about this Lamborghini bike to ensure you get this bike.

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