Lamborghini Emblem History and Meaning

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Lamborghini emblem is simply known with a bull inside a shield shape and colored in gold. Bull or Taurus is actually the zodiac sign of the brand founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. He was very interested in bullfighting sport in Spain. Bullfighting is actually the logo of Lamborghini. Even, bullfighting means a lot for Lamborghini’s style. It can be said as the main part of the style of Lamborghini. It makes sense if then Lamborghini cars are also called simply just famous bulls. That is the short history of the logo.

If you see the Lamborghini hood emblem in detail, it may remind you with the logo of Ferrari. Ferrari has horse inside a shield. No wonder if Lamborghini’s logo is also accused of the similarity to the Ferrari’s logo. Well, it cannot be said as an accident since Ferruccio becomes a rival to Ferrari. Lamborghini select gold color instead of yellow like what Ferrari has. Golden bullfighting inside a black shield with golden edge and has golden title ‘Lamborghini’ becomes the strong point.

Bullfighting represents power, fortitude, and consistency. This makes sense with the sport cars characters that are made by Lamborghini. Impressive sport car with powerful engine becomes some of the main characters of Lamborghini. What interesting here is although the founder’s country is Italy, there is no color, symbol or anything that describe Italy just like others. It is just Lamborghini with its special emblem.

For the golden color of the emblem, you can easily recognize it. It is about wealthy tradition and excellence of Lamborghini. The black color can describe integrity, elegance, prestige and power. Gold color also becomes as the main color of the emblem. Gold represent wealth, glamour as well as dignity. If you look at in details, you will find a perfect combination of design, style, color and meaning of Lamborghini emblem.

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