Lamborghini Gallardo Price List


Lamborghini Gallardo price here is based on the MSRP. Lamborghini Gallardo by 2014 model year has been improved. This car is even more aggressive than the predecessor. Yup, when you are talking about Lamborghini then you will actually talk about design and power. The designs of Lamborghini are always breathtaking including for the power. That is also the right expression to describe Gallardo. It has very powerful engine, impressive performance, and breathtaking designs of both interior and exterior.

Gallardo comes in 8 styles. Each of them has different power and performance. There are three available engines here. First is powered with 5.2 liter V10 engine with 6 speed of manual w/OD transmission and has 562 HP. Second engine is same but it is with 6 speed of auto-shift manual w/OD as well as with auto-manual transmission. It has 552 HP. The last engine is same but it has 6 speed of auto-shift manual q/OD transmission and boosts 543 HP. Then what about the Lamborghini Gallardo price list?

By different style and engine including performance the price of the car is also different. For the cheapest price is for with 2dr RWD (rear wheel drive) Coupe. It has 10 cylinder, 5.2 liter V10 engine and has 543 HP. EPA rate is 13/20 city/highway. It is priced MSRP $181,900 or invoice $163,710. The most expensive type is Squadra Corse with 2dr AWD (All-wheel Drive) Coupe. It has 10 cylinder and 5.2 liter V10 engine. It can boost 562 HP. EPA rate is 13/20 city/highway. It is priced at $259,100 MSRP or $233,190 invoice.

You can find in details about all styles with all engines as well as prices. The prices are different based on the designs or equipment inside. The higher or the more packages the car has, the higher the price is. Each type has different package. You can look at your budget then. You can select the lowest type with lowest price or the highest type with highest Lamborghini Gallardo price.

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