Lamborghini Horsepower: Lamborghini Aventador LP700N-4 Specs


You must know Lamborghini Aventador LP700N-4. Yes, this is the last line of unearthly supercar of Lamborghini’s technology packed flagship. This kind of Lamborghini car does not only have great Lamborghini Horsepower, but also high and great performances. One example is that it is aggressively angular, incredibly quick, and admirably inspiring in a very deep original way. Compared to its untamed predecessors, it is actually more refined and comfortable.

The exterior concept is alien snubfighter or attention-grabbing covertness. This car is strengthened by carbon fiber frame that sets with other aluminum and carbon components. It is purposed to make the car’s weight keep down. This car has 2000 pounds which is lighter than the previous models. It has fuel economy. This is what makes Lamborghini remembered by many people.

But this car is added with other two latest technologies, they are the environment and the efficiency. The first thing is the start and stop system shutting down its engine. It is done to save the fuel it has when it is in the traffic jam or in the traffic lights. It has super capacitor based operation. It is faster and lighter. The second thing is cylinder deactivation operation which will shut down the cylinder’s half operation part when it has light throttle situation. What about Lamborghini Aventador horsepower?

Lamborghini Horsepower is 691 horsepower and it has 509 LB FT of the torque in 5,500 RPM. It has the most amazing experience of Aventadaor’s absurd and operatic potent V12. It boasts 8500 redline and displaces 6.5 liters. It has all wheel drive operation and it can run 62 miles per hour in only 2.9 seconds. The top speed is 217 miles per hour. Of course this specification makes this Lamborghini car becomes the top range. It also becomes the most impressive cars in the market place and in the world of car manufacturers.

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