Lamborghini Reventon Price for High Level of Performance and Look

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The Lamborghini Reventon price made this supercar become the most expensive road car manufactured by Lamborghini before the newer Lambo Sesto Elemento was launched. The price was 2 million dollars or ~£840,000 or ~€1.5 million. This car debuted in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It derived the name from one of fighting bull, called Reventon. This bull was famous for killing the Mexican bullfighter, Felix Guzman in 1943. Linguistically, Reventon means burst or small explosion.

The top speed of Lamborghini Reventon was recorded in Dubai, UAE. It was 221 mph or 355.7 kmph. It is a magnificent record that was the result of great 6.5 liter engine working with 6 speed e-gear or manual transmission. The mechanical engines are sourced from the Murcielago LP640. Another priding fact that this supercar is only produced totally 20 units with 1 addition for the Lamborghini museum, although the rumor tells that it is produced totally 100 units. Each Reventon is produced with 1 to 20 number stamped between the driver seat and the passenger seat.

The Lamborghini Reventon interior design of this supercar is breathtaking. It has instrument panel with three TFT LCDs working with two display modes. The instruments are located in a certain structure made from solid aluminum. They are protected by a casing made of carbon fiber. G-force meter is included in this car instrumentation. The interior is completed with the brown Alcantara and the black leather seats.

The exterior of this Lambo Reventon was inspired by the fastest airplanes. Carbon fiber material completes this exterior. There is only one exterior color for this car, mid opaque grey. Unusual headlamps are inserted with daylight running lights with LED lights. This most expensive Lamborghini Reventon price also features hazard lights represented by special heatproof. This exterior created the basis for the current Lamborghini Aventador.

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