Lamborghini SUV Price and Specs: The New Lamborghini Urus

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Lamborghini does not want to be defeated by any other car manufacturers. After Porsche in 2003 introduced its SUV, Lamborghini also intended to join this world. After some years of rumors, Lamborghini Urus will come to the market. This Lamborghini SUV price is € 170000. This SUV derived its name after getting inspired by an ancient ancestor of cow, aurochs. It is a giant thing that makes the Urus becomes the largest bull emblem.

Some people may ask whether Lamborghini can be successful with its SUV or not. Will this reflect to the original Lamborghini SUV, LM002 which was produced only 328 units in 1993? The Lambo must be able to defeat its competitors, Bentley Bentayga and Porsche Cayenne. Maurizio Reggiani, the Lamborghini R&D chief reported that Urus will become the fastest and the most dynamic SUV in the world. It was also reported that this SUV will be available in the market in 2018 with € 170000, the Lamborghini SUV price tag.

The Lamborghini SUV specifications become another biggest question after questioning the price. The engine will be different from one applied for the Lambo Roster, V-10 and V-12 engines. Special for SUV, a twin turbocharged V-8 will be employed. This engine displaces 4.0 liters that releases 560 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque. This SUV Urus with this engine is expected to have good performance with excellent acceleration and off road capability. There are two more models of this Lambo SUV, i.e the SuperVeloce model with up to 700 horses and the plug in hybrid model, there is no detail information about this model.

These brilliant specs of the new Lambo SUV are wrapped aesthetically with stunning exterior. It is completed with great styling, sleek yet hard angles. Its face apparently represents strong characteristic of Lambo with slim bumpers and stylish grille. It has slim and small headlights with LED bulbs employed. Double hump features complete the roof line. Stylish taillights and four exhaust exits completes the reasons of the Lamborghini SUV price determined.

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