New BMW X8: Rumor or True?

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BMW X8 is rumored about to come with more aggressive and sportier look. Some unofficial sites say that the new model of X8 will come in 2020 together with other cars that will come in that year like X7, X5 and other crossover and SUV segments. Although it is not yet confirmed officially, however there is a big chance if X8 will be under production again remembering there are new fresher rivals in the market. You can say Lamborghini Urus or Bentley SUV where both of them are very luxurious SUV in the market today.

To compete with them, X7 will come with more impressive and aggressive power as well as performance even above what has been achieved by X5. For X8 crossover, it will be developed more expressively from the designs, engines, and features. The new model of X8 is expected to compete with the rivals. It may come with very high or big body. More features, power, and technologies will be also equipped to meet the latest standard. But we still should wait for the latest update.

So, it is early to say about BMW X8 price or the specs. What can be sure here is, X8 comes with sportier appearance as it will equipped future model features. It will be more powerful than the latest model. The exterior design is more aggressive, stylish, and it has more muscles. Interior design should be luxurious, comfortable, and entertaining. By the short words, X8 will be sportier than X7. Then the price will be higher.

Let’s just wait for what the carmaker will do with the new design of X8 to compete the rivals. Lamborghini Urus and Bentley SUV should make BMW jealous and unveil the concept of X8. If the rumors true, then it will come under 2020 model year. In this year, there will be more improvements and advanced technologies equipped as it means today BMW X8 is under development.

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