Short Lamborghini History: From Past to Now


Lamborghini history is always started with the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. He was interpreted in Bullfighting in Spain. Besides that, his zodiac is also Taurus. It makes him consider Bull as the emblem of the car. This manufacturer produce luxurious sport cars since the first time as it was born to be a rival of Ferrari. This company was founded in 1963. In the mid-60s, first model was introduced with interesting refinement, comfort and power as well. In 1966 Miura sport coupe is made and established with rear mid-engine.

In the first decade, this carmaker grew very rapidly. But, the sales plunged in 1973 due to the oil crisis and financial downturn. Then Ferruccio Lamborghini sold the company to Rene Leimer and Georges Henri Rossetti in 1974. This company then fell down in 1978 then handed to brothers Patrick Mimran and Jean-Claude in 1980. Under Mimran’s management, Lamborghini history cars grew more rapidly. Countach, Japla Sport and LM002 came in their management.

Today, the company is owned by Volkswagen Group. VW then places Lamborghini under Audi management. As the result, just like what you can see right now. Lamborghini has really luxurious sport cars collections. Even, you will find one or some of the collections in the list of the most expensive car in the world. Say, Lamborghini Veneno Roadster that is priced in $ 5.6 million.

Sure the expensive price makes Lamborghini still in its convenient position. The carmaker is even getting more serious in expanding its market as today you will see Urus, Egoista and other new concepts such as Lamborghini motorcycle that is rumored will be produced with aggressive design and impressive performance. So, when you are now talking about Lamborghini, you are actually talking about luxurious sport cars and powerful hyper car with aggressive designs. Read more Lamborghini history for details.

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