The Failure of Lamborghini Cheetah Production


If you have once heard about Lamborghini Cheetah, it is the first off car which was released by Lamborghini in 1977. It is also known as 1977 Cheetah. This car is an off road car that is operated without being kind of tractor. This off road car was actually designed by president of US Based Defense Contractor in International Mobility Technology, Rodney Pharis. He was the first man who created the first rolling model of a vehicle with all terrain concepts and it ended up with logo of a Raging Bull in front of the car.

The first model of Lamborghini Cheetah was actually built and designed in California, it was in San Jose. It was not built and designed in San Agata, Italy, like many issues spread. After being finished to have the concept, then MTI shipped the design to San Agatta, Italy. The finished design is a dessert satin sand shade. The first show for Lamborghini Cheetah was in Geneva Show.

But, it had a conflict with FMC in the first show in Geneva Auto Show. It happened because actually Lamborghini was not the one that was responsible to sell the off road Cheetah in US, but it was MTI. After that, the production would be in San Agatta, Italy. The design of Jeep Lamborghini Cheetah then was given to MTI. So, it was MTI that made the design and developed the work. However, there was a surprising result that the last result of the design. It had many similarities with FMC’s model. Even, FMC legally fight against Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Cheetah has speed of 105 miles per hour or 170 km per hour. But you must understand that actually Cheetah has never owned and tested by military. With its performance of speed, it can be concluded that it was very amazing for a form of an off road vehicle in the late seventies. Nevertheless, it was quite upsetting since finally Lamborghini sold the whole project to Teledyne Continental Motors because of financial problem.

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