The Most Affordable Price of a Lamborghini Luxury Cars


Are you planning to buy a Lamborghini? Sure, that’s why you’re here, because you see the title of this article and you’re looking for the most affordable price of a Lamborghini. Since Lamborghini is a manufacturer of luxury cars, it is normal if Lamborghini cars become so expensive. But here are some “most affordable” Lamborghini cars.

First most affordable Lamborghini car is the 350 GT. This car was the very first car that’s produced by Lamborghini. Few years ago the price of 350 GT was just about $ 40,000. With this affordable price, 350 GT came in really good condition. But recently the price of 350 GT is raising and becoming $ 120,000. Don’t give up in trying to find affordable 350 GT. If you keep looking very hard, probably you’ll find one in cheaper price about $80,000. Or, you may want to consider Espada 400 GT by Lamborghini. Check the Espada 400 GT Lamborghini price range below.

Yes, Espada 400 GT by Lamborghini looks similar to Mustang by Ford. Even though this Espada 400 GT looks old, but don’t even try to underestimate the performance of this car. The engine of Espada 400 GT was designed to produce up to 300 horsepower. Is it only 300 horsepower for real? Yes, but it was in 1970’s. The price range of this Lamborghini’s Espada 400 GT is around $40,000. Jarama GT is the next Lamborghini product that has lower price than other luxury cars by this Italian carmaker. Some of Lamborghini’s Jarama GT was sold about $100,000. But now we can get this Jarama GT only by preparing $35,000.

Last Lamborghini’s luxury car that has affordable price is P250 Urraco. This Urraco is 1970’s sport car. Today, the price of a Lamborghini P250 Urraco is ranging around $30,000. So, we have shared some price ranges of most affordable Lamborghini cars. Which one do you think is the cheapest?

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