The Newest Lamborghini, 2016 Lamborghini Urus SUV

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If you are looking for the Newest Lamborghini car, maybe your mind will direct to 2016 Lamborghini Urus. This car will be produced in 2017 at Volkswagen Group’s Factory, Slovakia. It starts in the year of 2017. The model version it uses is modified version from the MLB platform group. It would be underpinning the Porsche Cayenne next generation. The powerplant of Lamborghini Urus is not announced yet. But, some say that it will be around 600 hp. the drive power operation is all wheel drive. The system is suspension system which is adaptive, a real spoiler that is active. It also has low gravity’s center.

The New Urus SUV from Lamborghini is the earliest turbocharged V8 engine that is used to power this sport car. The twin turbo V8 has 4.0 liters capacity. It is said that this will be the most powerful among other classes. So, it can be expected that it will have no less than 600 horsepower or maybe more than it. It has a top speed which is more than 187 miles per hour.

This Latest Lamborghini model does not choose V10 and V12 engines. It chooses the V8 which has 4.0 liters for the reason of the possibility of delivering low end torque that is more along with fuel efficiency which is better. What you need to know before buying this later, this car is only available in four wheel drive. However, the plug-in drivetrain hybrid will be possible to join the lineup. It might be after the launch.

Lamborghini has promised that it is going to be the truest Lamborghini since it is going to be the fastest if it is compared to all cars of SUVs models. This Newest Lamborghini also promises the most powerful engine which will be the truest sport car ever. It has the capability of being an off road car, too, Stephen Winklemann says. However, he adds that driving it on the road will be more important.

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