Who Makes Lamborghini and Which Country Lamborghini Belongs To

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Lamborghini is a very famous brand of luxury car and sport car. Everybody in any country knows Lamborghini. But, do you know who makes Lamborghini? Lamborghini brand actually is owned by Audi AG, a Germany automaker. Audi AG itself is subsidiary of Volkswagen Group. Read more about Lamborghini’s short history below.

Lamborghini had produced and delivered lots of premium cars with high quality. But since the inception around 1963, the company of Lamborghini (Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A) struggled hard financially. Then the oil crisis around 1973 to 1978 had worsened the fortune of Lamborghini. After Audi AG acquired Lamborghini, the condition of Lamborghini started to be more stabile. The founder of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A is Ferruccio Lamborghini. This guy was an enthusiast of sports cars. Lamborghini belongs to which country? Since the founder of Lamborghini is an Italian, Lamborghini belonged to Italia. Do you know the first cars of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A?

Lamborghini’s very first cars were 350 GT and its younger brother 400 GT Tourers. These cars were built in 1963. After 350 GT and 400 GT, Lamborghini produced the other sports car, the Miura. Three cars above were the most important rivals to Ferrari. In 1978, Lamborghini experienced bankruptcy and then Mimran Brothers bought Lamborghini in around 1984. Around 1987, Mimran Brothers sold Lamborghini to Chrysler. After improving the production of Lamborghini, Chrysler sold it to Megatech, an investment company in Indonesia. In 1998, the Megatech sold Lamborghini to Audi AG.

The history of Lamborghini was a bit complicated. But at least we get to know who makes Lamborghini. Lamborghini today is still favored by many people, especially young people who want love exploring the city with their incredible sports car. Even young people who live in developing countries ride Lamborghini cars; this is evidence that Lamborghini cars are still so famous today.

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